Blue Cat's Gain Suite - VST

Blue Cat's Gain Suite - VST 2.43

The Blue Cat’s Gain Suite VST is an very useful plug-in

The Blue Cat’s Gain Suite is a plug-in software that provides you with a number of gain utilities that give you the ability to control the volume of audio tracks.
The program includes advanced MIDI controls and the response curve of these controllers can even be customized by the user. The Blue Cat’s Gain Suite also allows a linking together of many instances of the same plug-in because it contains a unique technology for data sharing. This way you can actually control the gain of several audio tracks at the same time. All of which have their own advanced capabilities for the response curve. Each of the instances can also be controlled from a singer user interface.

The plug-in includes mono, stereo and mid / side gains. The Blue Cat’s Gain Suite plug-in program can also be activated or deactivated without making any noise and that ensures a smooth bypass. To make things easier, there are undo and redo functions, as well as the ability to set automatic updates and import or export presets and share them with the supported DirectX and VST versions.

The plug-in can also be made transparent so you can see what is going on behind the window. The user interface is also customizable and skins can be added or changed.

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